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The only Latinx troupe in North America!

Dance_Latin Burlesque
Co-founder_Latin Burlesque

In 2014, Black Mamba and I, Salty Margarita, came across this innovative idea; Latino burlesque shows in Montreal. Few weeks after, Lolita Blanca will support our initiative and stepped in !Since then, we have not stopped producing shows thanks to the support of the Wiggle Room, Cafe Cleopatra, Bar Le Cocktail, Les Grands Duques de Sherbrooke, and the public who has welcomed us warmly.

We are the only Latinx troupe in North America, proud of being Canadians with a Hispanic heritage. With all of that being said, we have carried on 32 amazing shows because at Latino Burlesque, we believe in community, not in competition.

We advocate for equality regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, body shape, or age. We want to open new performative spaces and break stereotypes about gender roles in our culture.

Diversity on the stage always matters!

Volunteer Latinx artists run Latino Burlesque Canada.


Salty Margarita

Co-founder_Latin Burlesque

Photos by: José R. Muñoz

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